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OROUNDA is provider of designated corporate bank accounts with direct IBANs for the needs of EU businesses, and moreover for those with only nonEU incorporation. Whatever your corporate needs might be, we got you fully covered with settlement/operational account on Company Name; and with Clearing account, each coming with unique IBAN to let you keep your corporate funds separated and backed up by advanced online banking platform.

The introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has made payment transactions within the EU much faster, easier and cheaper, yet handling of payments remains a challenge due to the ongoing developments in the industry.

With the bank accounts we combined the convenience of every-day wires with extra layer of security and technology.


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Through our Settlement Accounts we let you manage your institutional wires, partners transactions or settlements from your processor(s). For those who believe speed is crucial in today’s day-to-day business, we have express transactions enabled and SDD.


On the other hand, through our corporate Clearing Accounts we also let you accept and send bank transfers from your individual customers anywhere they might be. Thus you add additional payment and depositing method to bring comfort in your customers daily spendings and earnings.

We provide stable SEPA and SWIFT wire solutions

  • Available for EU and offshore jurisdictions

  • We can onboard NON-EU entities

Our banking solution will get you covered with stable SEPA and nonSEPA wires processing, no matter if you are in search for bank account to settle funds from processors and business partners, or for another depositing method to let your individual customers send and receive fast and safe wire transfers.

Our Business bank accounts Features:

Set up of corporate Bank Accounts on Company Name.

Low transactional fees.

Crypto-friendly bank.

Dedicated online banking tool with advanced features.

Backoffice support 24/7.

Virtual IBAN in UK bank.

Bank reference letter issued on Company Name upon setup of the account.

Express account opening (one business day opening) as a service.

Both Payins and Payouts.

Send and receive funds from payment processors and providers.

Send and receive deposits from your customers and any individuals.

Remote account opening.

Additional accounts upon request to serve company's multiple URLs.

Internal transfers between accounts.

How do Bank Accounts work?

Reasonable transactional fees, very responsive and sophisticated online banking tool to let you track and manage your transactions, hassle-free setup of your direct unique IBAN in UK, quick onboarding and smart ticketing system where you will receive quick resolving of your inquiries with utmost care are all part of our company expertise.

Our promise


No matter if you want to accept payments locally, regionally or globally, we are ready to provide you with a reliable solution. A growing and dedicated team of over 40 IT and financial specialists are working in our offices in UK, Belarus and Sofia to make sure you will receive the best solution in the right time at an extremely competitive rate.


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