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When it comes to payment options added to your website you have to get familiar with a fact -the global credit card penetration worldwide is at around 17%. Offering only credit card payment options or only wires might mean you will be missing out some prospective sales in wealthy or well saturated markets, so you will be losing money. With our local payment methods through vouchers or wallets you will capture online users with various banking or spending habits. Once you consider APMs stand behind 40-50% of transactions, and that some shoppers might have developed dislike for conventional cards and wires payments, you will be in search of reliable yet simple way to get to those people

APMs are run through dedicated Merchant accounts with the advantages of instant settlement and lack of hassle and risk We offer multiple processing currencies, incl. USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, etc. The range of local payment methods comes up with both physical and online distribution adding instant value and enhancing markets access for specific geolocations restricted for cards traffic such as LATAM or Middle East

If you are running YOUR Forex, CFD, online gaming or other business through merchant website, all your customers need to do it is to purchase a prepaid Voucher and use it to pay online at your website integrated with OROUNDA.

OROUNDA is well recognized for delivering specific voucher solution covering GCC region and Saudi Arabia, with a stable and secure processing well proved by worlds leading brands which hold their accounts with us


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Domestic payments

Our payment processing domestic solution, incl. SDD ensures efficient processing of all your domestic transactions and SEPA payments across the Eurozone. Then we have spread that convenience and gave access to residents in specific countries out of EU via solutions for instant payments targeting those nonEU residents.

Cross-border payments

On the occasions when you are running a business with parties falling in many distant and different markets, we will also process incoming international payments for your clients, with or without currency conversion and let you manage your cross-border foreign payments reducing your transactional costs and delivering high-speed, low-risk service to your clients.

Our local payment methods cover the following regions

  • GCC*

  • Saudi Arabia*

  • EEA regions

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Africa


* Specific solution covering GCC region and Saudi Arabia!

Мultiple Processing currencies






+ 72 currencies more

Our APMs Features:

We are running this alternative methods via vouchers and risk-free redemption.

APMs are run through dedicated Merchant accounts on OROUNDA gateway.

Range of local payment methods with both physical and online distribution.

We can onboard not only EU companies but offshore merchants as well.

Eliminates completely the chargeback and fraud issues.

Adding APMs significantly adds value and enhances markets access for specific geolocations restricted for cards traffic.

OROUNDA partners only directly with the providers and issuers of payment instruments.

Advantage is easier onboarding and Faster-track Due Diligence.

Most of our APMs are available without standard restrictions for regulations and incorporation.

We run the processing for APMs both through backoffice, and through direct integration with OROUNDA gateway

How do APMs work?

Wherever you have customers who are willing to pay, or due to some country or business restrictions related to the type of activity are seeking flexible options, OROUNDA as PSP will let you use alternatives to standard card payments and cards processing. Varying per regions, we have both voucher solutions, and wallet solutions, and even local wires where applicable. Thus we provide your customers with the comfort and credibility they need and praise so high.

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No matter if you want to accept payments locally, regionally or globally, we are ready to provide you with a reliable solution. A growing and dedicated team of over 40 IT and financial specialists are working in our offices in UK, Belarus and Sofia to make sure you will receive the best solution in the right time at an extremely competitive rate.


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